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Angela Brown

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Independent Living Part 1

Publié par Angela Brown sur 10 Avril 2017, 13:10pm


Hong Kong

If you would like to experience Chinese culture, to play in famous casinos with all the possible freedom, Hong Kong is a great choice. It is a great bustling city with a very good infrastructure and lots of connections (via the airport) to various countries in Asia and the rest of the world. Also, in case you are a westerner the visa regime is quite good with stretches of 90 days. Furthermore, the internet is one of the fastest in the world, which makes it a great place to engage in location independent work. For longer term residents Hong Kong has a really good tax climate as well. The only real downside of Hong Kong is that accommodation can be really expensive (but food is cheap) and that it can get crowded sometimes.


If you want nice warm weather and beautiful nature, Colombia can be the perfect place for you. The locals are very friendly (and even more so when you speak Spanish well). It is one of the most bio diverse countries in the world, which means you can enjoy, mountains, beach, flatlands, rivers and jungles in one country. This also means there is also a lots of great fruit and food in general. Colombia still has perhaps a reputation of being an unsafe country, but this does not correspond that much with the reality on the ground these days. Just take the normal precautions and you will be fine. For good internet you will most likely have to stay in the cities though. I like Bogota more than Medellin, but many digital nomads will argue otherwise. Just check out both (and the city of Cali) to see what you like best.


If you like a Latin atmosphere with luxury comforts, Argentina can be a great country to live in. Granted, the political situation is not always that stable, as well as the exchange rate of the peso to the dollar/euro. But when you choose the right moment to go (check the news), living as a digital nomad in Buenos Aires or one of the smaller cities (i.e. Cordoba is great as well), you will experience a vibrant day to day life. People are very friendly, and like Colombia, it is an asset if you speak Spanish. The food is great in case you are a carnivore, while some hikes in Patagonia for instance, are a non-miss for every adventurer out there.


In case you speak Spanish well, living in Spain can be a really good choice for a digital nomad. The current economic situation has lowered the spirits of the locals somewhat, but that does not mean there cannot still be a good life to be lived. The infrastructure is very good, especially between municipalities by train. Cities as Madrid, Barcelona and Seville have a lot of culture, great food and a great nightlife. Prices in Spain are on average much lower than in most other European countries, especially concerning food & beverage.


A new kid around the block in terms of digital nomadism, life in Greece has become much cheaper since the advent of the big crisis over the last years. For instance, you can base yourself on an Aegean island for cheap, while enjoying the sunny climate, good food and friendly locals. You won’t feel the need to go anywhere (except with the boat), so infrastructural problems are not a big deal. With regard to the current economic situation; stay away from the cities and you can have a great life as a digital nomad there.


Over the last decade or so Romania has made a lot of improvements in their infrastructure and living conditions. Especially with a western source of income you can live there very well. Common expenses as food & beverage are very low (while providing surprising good quality), as well as accommodations, apart from the center of Bucharest. If you like great nature and hiking you should check out the Transylvania region. For instance, base yourself in Cluj-Napoca which is a student town and has a great dynamic atmosphere. Most younger Romanians speak very good English. Also, Romania is currently in the top 3 countries with the fastest internet in the world.

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